Can only be activated if the game rule is turned on. Prince of Equestria Note that the choice of leaders differs slightly depending on the selection of a Republic or Constitutional Monarchy. However it is rumoured she has some confidence issues which she hides from others. She is brash, competitive and very talented, being the only pegasus capable of creating a Sonic Rainboom. There, Nightmare Moon will attempt to seize control and start a civil war as the Lunar Empire. Equestria also founded the colony of New Mareland. For 1 year:+30% Industrial Research Time-10% Construction Speed-10% Factory Output-10% Dockyard Output-1 Civilian Factory-1 Military Factory, -6.00% Base War SupportFor 1 year:+20% Land Doctrine Research Time+0.02 Daily Harmony Support-0.10 Daily Political Power, -200 Political PowerFor 1 year:+0.03 Daily Harmony Support-0.05 Daily Political Power, For 1 year:+18% Industrial Research Time-6% Construction Speed-6% Factory Output-6% Dockyard Output-1 Civilian Factory, -4.00% Base War SupportFor 1 year:+12% Land Doctrine Research Time+0.01 Daily Harmony Support-0.06 Daily Political Power, -120 Political PowerFor 1 year:+0.02 Daily Harmony Support-0.03 Daily Political Power. ), Complete the eventchain and then choose between Avatar or Spirit rule (There are two focus trees one for each path The spirits can be merciful or not, and be traditional or modernize. He tests ponies backward and forward. Then, the Equestrian Civil War will truly begin. Asinti Ascension. Railways advanced settlements south into Buffalo territory, while archaeologists and adventurers pressed deep into the jungles to unearth ancient relics and magic. He proved to be a capable and fair leader who turned down promotions to an officer several times. Together, these creatures form the Pentarchy, the masters of Barrad. A diverse, vast realm of stories and myths, Northern Zebrica. Equestria at War is a Hearts of Iron IV mod that seeks to recreate the fantastical world of Equestria from the My Little Pony franchise, dimmed with a bleaker setting rife with both nuances and its own plentiful twists, such as the notion of industrialization, far-reaching corruption and an ample amount of political intrigue. If Equestria is losing a defensive non-civil war (>10% surrender) with a major, it can recruit militias from 5 regions for 40 political power each. I know I need Cadance and company to be toast, yet every time the civil war breaks out with Sombra and I tag switch to Sombra, I complete the focus to unlock the fate of Mi Amore and win the civil war. A good enough plan can survive contact with the enemy. Instead of going for a rapid unending attack on the Riverlands, Silver Star instead turns his nation into a true kingdom, one of eternal life through undeath. The community subreddit of Equestria at War, a My Little Pony inspired mod for the video game Hearts of Iron 4. Little is known about Zecora. She owns a chain of fashion boutiques and is a well-known entrepreneur and clothing designer. While she's too meek to admit it herself, her talent could be useful for Equestria as a whole. It removes The Pentarchy national spirit and has a large bonus to recruitable population, later giving factories and reduced consumer goods. He's Flam Instead, Viira becomes a national spirit in a supporting role, and decisions unlock to use her new powers to aid your divisions in war. Air Force Commander At the behest of many of his fellows in the army, he reluctantly joined the rising democratic movement during an R&R period during the Lunar Civil War. Once either of the two focuses are taken, you can start the middle focus line, which grants and changes the Unconditional Servitude national spirit. ), Do the convention until you get the event Suspicions, pick the option Thats nonsense., The fascists will win the convention and an eventchain surrounding Povner will start, In the event The Showdown pick the option Or id rather not. Or will this be the end of Harmony for the ponies? These decisions will also be reflected in the Toll of War, an item in the decision tab that measures the psychological impact of the war on Celestia, and Equestria's attitude towards militarism. They established friendly relations with the neighbouring Crystal Empire, a kingdom of crystal ponies, who embraced Alicorn rule under the Amore dynasty and wielded the magic of the powerful crystals that grew in their domain, prospering under the magical strength of its powerful core, the Crystal Heart. Neighsay is strict and conservative, preferring to do things by the EEA guidelines. The last requirement is that Viira must have less then 1.2k resources when she ignites the reactor; collapsing Asinti's temple will cause a massive drain on Viira's resources, which can easily put it under 1.2k. Today we venture deep into the cursed woods of Barrad, where science and magic both mingle with the dark arts. ), Choose your path: Constitutional or Dual Monarchy (If you go with the dual monarchy you get a new focus tree where Grover marries into your line. Step into the Fog.Link to the full Barrad Magocracy Playlist: Patreon page for s. twists, such as the notion of industrialization, far-reaching corruption While Leopold gets no direct war goals in his tree, he does get access to raiding decisions on all of his neighbors. How do I unlock Twilight as a leader? So, here's what I've seen so far and wanted to find out what I'm missing. Friendships strained as the harmony of the village gave way to the chaos of the city and free market. With only a few factories, a very weak army and more powerful players, the country will have to rely on the bonuses from its focus tree and unique tech tree to remain on par with its neighbors. Agent Sweetie Drops, whose undercover alias is Bon Bon, who recently rejoined the monster-hunting agency of S.M.I.L.E. You can spend blood on various effects, such as resources, non-core ponypower, and even cores on Kasa, Austurland and the River Coalition. As for the Gryphian host, I accidentally deleted it from my original draft and forgot to add it back. He is also very prejudiced against anyone who is not a pony, openly referring to non-ponies as "creatures" in a dismissive manner. Their achievements in defeating Discord, King Sombra, Lord Tirek and other terrors have become legendary. Do not take the decision to "Look Through It's Remains" after Silver Star's ascension if you wish to go down this path, as it will remove "Undead Autonomy" and lock you out of it. Press J to jump to the feed. Asinti, a zebra once a slave, who communes with a power beyond the material realm and works to bring creatures from that realm into his own. Currently he is the drill sergeant of the Canterlot Royal Guard, but there is no reason why his responsibilities couldn't be expanded further. To successfully remove the spirit, Equestria must earn 4 reform points, using expensive reforms. We t. (Famine strikes and if no one decides to help you a fourth of your nation dies. These focuses may also affect your options in future focus trees, so keep that in mind. We offer end-to-end services on all real-estate related needs with full guidance on each process including legal advice, monitoring and tracking progress and step-by-step updates. Each character also has a relations stat with the members of the Pentarchy, not counting Ambrosius. (You will take revenge upon the Griffons and salt/burn their lands so they may never rise again.). The Forgotten Tribe spirit represents the ancient schism between Thestrals (Batponies) and the three other races. The decisions take twenty days to complete and drain PP while active. Voices spoke in his head of dark magic, and he listened. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Be attacked will the civil war is ongoing and the FNV/PVDA will seek a servant to rule. If Chieftain Strongheart is selected, she will likely join Equestrian on her own accord, bypassing the first two focuses. She is cranky, but no one can deny her wisdom that old age has given her. Any tips on how to blitz equestria as the changelings so that I can get to the ELF without having changelings at the end of the tech tree waiting to nuke me? Ever since the three tribes fled the Windigoes from the north, they have called Equestria their home. Foreign subversive activities efficiency: Civilian to Military Factory conversion cost: AI Modifier: Focus on Military Equipment: Motorized Rocket Artillery Research Speed: Military to Civilian Factory conversion cost. When Ambrosius is finally ready to heal the entity behind the mysteries of Barrad, sanity will finally return to the troubled land. Fancy Pants is a renowned member of the old Canterlot elite aristocracy, a shrewd businesspony and a clever diplomat. An April Fools Crossover with The New Order: Last Days of Europe, which is vastly different from other paths. Shocked by the crackdown and ensuing violence, Princess Celestia withdrew Equestrian Forces from the region, and fired the Captain of the Guard. The guide below will help you install the mod manually, if you wish to do so. The Dual Monarchy was restored even as Equestria faced new challenges, including increasing tensions with the Buffalo Tribes and the escape of chaotic demigod Discord. Behind the scenes, her alter ego Nightmare Moon will attempt to prepare for, and provoke, a civil war. Either a former pilot or an air force officer relegated to army command, this general uses their experience to better coordinate joint air and land operations. Yet there is a fourth tribe - the Thestrals (batponies). This leader has political connections which has smoothed the way for his career. With Leopold's hero division, any border war you attempt should be won easily. Welcome to a New Campaign on the Channel! Should you have defeated the Titan by digging the mine shaft deep enough previously, Leopold will be buffed further, turning him into a truly unstoppable force. Rainbow Dash is the Element of Loyalty and a full member of the Wonderbolts, a team of flight experts. At the top is a timer for Count Ambrosius, and every time it reaches 0 a random effect will occur. equestria at war barrad guide. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Her magical talent is extremely impressive, yet whenever she faced grave dangers and threats, it was friendship that saved her. The princesses defended the kingdom throughout its early age from monsters, demigods, and disasters, and in doing so they discovered the Tree of Harmony, wielding the magic of its Six Elements, being Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Magic, Loyalty, and Generosity. I hope you enjoy the mod and its secrets as much as I did. The second is reforming the Kingdom of Wittenland, granting coring opportunities on it, Austurland and Ponaidhean. The main mechanics, however, are in the decisions tab. While it is obvious today that the tales speak of the Royal Pony Sisters who rule Equestria, few, if any concrete facts are known about their history. Privacy Policy. Regardless, the completion of this chain will grant a variety of bonuses, greatly boosting Equestria's military strength and its ability to intervene elsewhere. Equestria at War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Princess Luna will take up the cause, eventually leading to a referendum on welcoming Thestrals into Equestria. -Zebra gets possessed by demons. There is a strong focus on magical warfare and use of the harsh terrain. Celestia can choose to back these reforms personally (Option 1), or allow Luna to lead them (Option 2 or 3). The Urgent War Committee Focus leads to the removal of Equestria's peacetime maluses and unlocking its full power as a superpower. This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. Hailing from the wide, warm open plains of southwest Equestria, Maxos Eternal was part of the last generations of rural frontierspony and later a successful landowning rancher. The reforms will occur over the next year, and involve three sets of choices. ), Have the social-democrats win and you get your focus tree (You are a social-democratic state, you can even work together with Equestria. The nobleponies however will eventually be reformed into a better template, but either way the Barradian army will need a major overhaul to fight its future enemies. From time to time brave ponies and griffons from nearby countries band together to try their luck in our lands driven by a variety of reasons. After overcoming a jealous sorceress by opening her heart to her, Cadence was elevated into Alicornhood and joined Luna and Celestia in the Equestrian Royal Family as the Princess of Love. Stagnant. Once it was a province of the Kingdom of Wittenland, one rich and filled with abundant minerals and fertile farmlands. The community subreddit of Equestria at War, a My Little Pony inspired mod for the video game Hearts of Iron 4. Spitfire is the captain of the Wonderbolts, a famous group of flight experts. Could you please explain why your flair changes to something (usually vaguely sexual) every little while? See Equestria Secrets for detailed mechanics of the Civil War. He's Flim It is fast and provides quick bonuses, hinging around simply having too large an army for the River Coalition to fight. Each region provides 7-12 infantry divisions at near full equipment level, each with 6 infantry battalions and a support artillery battalion. You could Annex equestria and it's allies immediately and then change to Manehatten when the event comes. This all changed, when one day a wealthy merchant and artisan named Ambrosius, a pony who had always wanted to join the ranks of the nobility but never could, retreated to his estate in Barrad and began to unravel the true mysteries of magic. While typically capitalists like him are regarded as mean and greedy, Filthy Rich is an amicable and kind pony. Ambitious creatures from all over the world came to join him, but only four rose above the rest. However, the true power of this path lies outside of her focus tree: her abilities. At the end of the chain, Luna's reform efforts will culminate in a speech in Manehatten. However, in these changing times, the fate of nations no longer rests upon shoulders of heroes, but politics and military might. Should Silver Star gain access to the power of the reactor, his focus tree will take the place of the Pentarchy one. ), Pick Hempstrand's Socialist Agrarian Party, Halfway through you'll get an event which gives you a new focus tree. Despite the Diarchial power structure, Equestria has always been ruled by Celestia, leaving Luna to assume a supporting role. Her greatest abilities, though, are available in the state GUI. Count Ambrosius keeps that position, albeit with a new trait. Twilight's heroism, her magical achievements, and her growth as a wielder of Harmony culminated in her ascension into an Alicorn form, and she was crowned as the Princess of Friendship by Princess Celestia. Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony to defeat and banish him to the Frozen North. The economic tree will gradually increase your science base and decrease your illiteracy and poverty, and you can increase your development by taking the Improve Society decision that should appear. Count Ambrosius will retreat to his study, and when he returns he will be fully consumed by the voices in his head. His focus will turn to defending Barrad from invaders, creating a bulwark against any who would see his sacred land fall. Finally, Silver Star will eventually unlock decisions to support his undead army by focusing on enhancing a part of it, whether it be through assault, defense or other factors. She is the sole inhabitant of the monster-filled Everfree Forest and is a skilled brewer of potions who speaks solely in rhymes. why does anemia cause thrombocytosis 11 mai 2022 . Fast Clip is a member of the Wonderbolts and acts as a drill instructor, training cadets for the Wonderbolts Academy. Equestria has a variety of political and industrial focuses available to it. Dedicated to the life as an officer, with ambitions to match. Twilight and her friends restored the Crystal Empire's Crystal Heart and drove off Sombra, this time keeping the Crystal Empire intact. The Equestrian Airforce is big yet obsolete, possessing 265 Pre-War Fighters, 18 Pre-War Carrier Fighters, 24 Naval Bomber I's, and 40 Pre-War Bombers. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Stable. She will recharge over time, so if you're approaching the limit of her abilities just give her some time to cool down before starting to throw magic around again. Can the Pentarchy unravel the secrets behind this tainted land, or will they fall to infighting and betrayal first? Is there a mean time post-civil war? To realize how immensly powerfull true Viira is, there is also her decision to "pacify" the regions in the Evi Valley and the Riverlands. Wittenland will move to reclaim Barrad in all paths, and the AI frequently manually justifies since they have claims on your land. See the Lunar Empire page for further information on playing as the Lunar Empire. Career Officer The peace-loving nation of ponies now finds itself in a new world with foes not only at their borders but among their numbers as well. Ambrosius rules as a single dude. Dread league spoilers im mad I didnt get the ending event. Celestia and Luna soon realized their destinies were to wield control over the Sun and Moon respectively. And Viira, a magical deer with incredible abilities for her race, who wants to dominate the material realm through her magic so she can bring this knowledge and rule back to the rest of deerkind. You will temporarily go fascist until Edward Pechvogel takers the reins of government. Asinti's trait means that you will gain absolutely no manpower from conquering these territories through compliance, so be cautious with your ponypower early on. Over the years, Count Ambrosius invited other like-minded creatures to join his court, free to pursue knowledge without ethical strings attached. Leopold Schmeller, a sickly griffon from the Herzland who believes that technological enhancement replacing flesh would allow Griffonia to thrive through the leadership of mechanical demigods. The central branches start the industrial focuses. Silver Star will be able to instantly deploy forces straight from creation, so taking advantage of his large ponypower pool is recommended. For details on how to begin the civil war, see Luna Led Reforms. ), Puppet crystal empire as the Lunar empire, Take a decision or event that appears to tagswitch (There are two paths, a benevolent path under Rarity or the authoritarian path.). You will be able to choose between Count Ambrosius and Captain Gsienica as a general, and if Silver Star and/or Leopold are alive, you can choose one of them as well. Her military experience is great and she is more than happy to aid us. In her youth she was a regular unicorn filly and dreamt of enrolling in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but then an ursa minor attacked her and broke her horn. You may find it very difficult to defeat your opponent(s) if you have low resources, especially if you are Viira, so saving up them is essential for claiming victory. Will Friendship and Harmony still be its mantra? Ksa Free State can attack fairly early with certain leaders, and Austurland will be able to as well once their political situation is dealt with if Kasa does not exist.

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