Many different breeds were found worldwide, such as Abrahan and Thestral, for example. Some bats hibernate during the winter months and when they are not hunting they sleep in caves. Species information Eye colour Black Skin colour Black Related to Snake Native to Africa Mortality Mortal Distinction Extremely poisonous venom Status Extant [Source] A Black Mamba is an extremely venomous species of snake and one possible corporeal form of the Patronus Charm. Their size can vary, but they can grow much larger than the average of 110 to 200 pounds and 84 inches in length, excluding their tail. The dun gene gives the horse a unique champagne color on top of their normal color. White horses are also rare, making this a near one-of-a-kind Patronus for a truly special witch or wizard. There are many similarities between this animal and one of the four houses. Inside, though, you are a ball of energy, eager to prove yourself. Also, it describes a person who is capable of overcoming big losses and challenges but could be very dangerous if bothered. Badger - The recognizable mascot of Hufflepuff House, badgers represent determination. Your mongrel dog Patronus will be loyal and friendly toward you but fierce against any Dementor that seeks to harm you. If this is your Patronus, it will protect you and your loved ones by encircling you and not letting the Dementors near you. In fact, these warriors will put up one heck of a fight to protect their territory! Goshawksare slender with short, broad, rounded wings and a long tail, which helps them maneuver in flight. Borzoi . Bloodhound - Known for their fantastic sense of smell, bloodhounds are often used by Muggle law enforcement to help locate lost Muggles. They are ever vigilant and some of the quickest Patronuses to appear when their caster is in need! Its actually closer to a ferret or a weasel and is known to cripple its prey by piercing its brains with its teeth before storing it, alive, for a later meal. Seamus Finnigans Patronus took the form of a fox during the Battle of Hogwarts. Despite their timidness, rats are known to be stubborn and full of devious ways. They are half eagle, half horse, the offspring of a horse and griffin. When they do strike, they are fast enough to even catch snowshoe hares. This cat loves to be active. How Does It Take For A Black Mamba To Kill A Rabbit, Black Mamba Dry Herb Vaporizer How To Use. It was a rare possible corporeal form of a Patronus Charm, but as an animal pretty useful, since some of their parts, such as horns, tails and exploding fluid were used in potions. Despite your fierceness when challenged, you have a soft spot for those weaker than yourself for whom you are willing to make sacrifices. Peacocks are easily irritated and would make a fierce and gorgeous Patronus. Foxes are sometimes thought to be tricksters, leading the unsuspecting down a path of demise. Capuchin Monkey - Those who are capable of casting this bubbly and energetic creature may or may not take pleasure in knowing just how much they enjoy their comfort. If your Patronus is the lion, you are likely brave, close to those in your inner circle, and extremely protective. People with this Patronus love challenges and are good at handling stress. The black mamba is unique in that it only forms for those who show a special kind of mind. Rattlesnake - Rattlesnakes are venomous snakes. Rita Skeeter publishes Harry Potter's Secret Heartache. Abraxan was a pretty rare possible form of a corporeal Patronus Charm. Birds with brilliant plumage can often be seen around wizards in Harry Potter. If you're embarrassed by your Patronus, you're not alone these are the lamest 'Harry Potter' spirit animals you can get. Wildcat - Wildcats are as wildly different as their coats. They are incredibly loyal and protective of their mates and children. More Rare & Cool Patronus: Doe, Albatross, Lion, Bat, Wolf, Tiger, Python . It lives in sub-Saharan Africa and is one of the continent's most dangerous snakes. Bat - "Luck," "happiness," and "transformation" are words that are commonly associated with this animal. Leopards are big cats related to lions and tigers and native to Africa and Asia. Like most snakes, black mambas can be associated with great wisdom and a sharp mind. Brown Bear- Brown bears have one of the largest brains of any extant carnivore relative to their body size and have been shown to use tools. You dont mind getting your hands dirty to do what needs to be done to provide for those you love. Ocicat - While the Ocicat is a house cat, it looks like a small wild cat due to its crazy coat of spots and stripes. Get Direction. Your Patronus will never let you down and follow you to the end in any situation. They are hopeful, positive, and energetic and are drawn to live and work in large communities, where they find inspiration from the high spirits of others. Appearances Pottermore (Appears as a Patronus) Tortoiseshell Cat - Tortoiseshell cats have some of the prettiest coats, but dont let that fool you. Youd rather hang with friends playing frisbee than show off your trophy collection. McGonagalls Patronus was a cat and even professor Umbridge had a Persian cat Patronus. Surprisingly, the black mamba shies away from confrontation due to its nervous nature; however, when threatened, it becomes the ultimate force to be reckoned with. Her feisty go-get-'em stance means no one dares to mess with this lass. People with this Patronus tend to be good listeners and strive to march to the beat of their own drum. Robin - A fond favorite of the British public, the robin is an iconic feature of the landscape. The king cobra is a powerful Patronus, warding Dementors away with its intimidating hiss and beautifully scaled hood. They are quick to lead and do not back down from a challenge. This magical creature can shape-shift between the forms of a shark and a human. With a Rottweiler Patronus, you will always be protected from Dementors. If your Patronus is a falcon, you may have been a troubled soul who decided to cast away their old, evil habits to fly down the hard, right path. Its founder Salazar Slytherin was a Parcelmouth, therefore able to communicate with snakes and wanted to make it known. Hippogriff - The hippogriff is a proud and dangerous creature. Keep in mind that multiple pools of questions might be asked, therefore your quiz may differ slightly from your friend's quiz. Mastiffs are a combination of confidence, loyalty, and intelligence and are considered good family dogs. If the herd that lives in the Forbidden Forest is any indication, Thestrals can be extremely loyal to their human friends and will fiercely attack their enemies. If your Patronus is a hyena, Dementors wont stand a chance! [4], Rabbit Fights Snake and Wins Video Business Science[5], Fatalities from black mamba bites have been documented to occur within as little as 20 minutes after injection, said Viernum. personenbeschreibung verben; black mamba patronus rarity They can also be bought in Diagon Alley. And Ron Weasleys Patronus also took the form of a Jack Russell Terrier, a breed of hunting dogs. And woethe person who tries to hurt someone you love! Thestrals . Orangutans know how to use their surroundings to their advantage. If your herb is too moist, most of the heat will be wasted on drying out your buds. Stoat - Stoats are also known as short-tailed weasels. They are unapologetic and band together with like-minded comrades to help one another with their goals. Some of the most famous are the Ashwinder, the Horned Serpent and the Sea Serpent. [11], Heat up the vaporizer: A dry herb vaporizer needs a little time to heat up before you can begin using it. [15], One of Techs most famous songs, Psycho Bitch borrows the famous piano line from the theme to John Carpenters horror classic, Halloween, to lace an angry rant against crazy ex-girlfriends everywhere. . Fierce and persistent, this critter pursues soldier ants under cover of darkness without the slightest fear. It is the most common horse coat color. This small, fast animal was a Patronus to two important witches, Luna Lovegood and Nymphadora Tonks, who later changed it to a wolf due to her great love for Remus Lupin. It commonly grows up to 3 meters and is the second longest poisonous snake after the king cobra. Open Button. Usually, people who produce this Patronus are confident in their capabilities and hold pride in their actions and beliefs. Lion - The lion, along with being the mascot of Gryffindor House, is often seen as the "king of beasts." Harry has seen a Thestral for the first time after witnessing the death of Cedric Diggory. No Dementor should cross a wolf Patronus - they are fierce protectors and loyal to their casters beyond any other guardian. Little Owl - So tiny and yet so observant, these introverted creatures are bound to share this trait with any witch or wizard capable of casting them. A Patronus in the form of a goat is described as kind. In the movie, they had grey coats instead of palomino coats and were brought to school by Madame Olympe Maxime. Hermione brought her own cat with her and Hagrid was allergic to them and grew a slight dislike towards this interesting animal. Dapple Gray Stallion - As strong as his mate, a dapple gray stallion will stand protectively between you and any Dementors that you encounter. and can weigh up to 2,200 pounds! In Great Britain and Ireland they are a sign of good luck, but in many Slavic countries, they represent bad luck, when seen crossing the street in front of someone. They were gigantic and powerful and used and bred to perform many difficult tasks. Despite its name, the snake is not black. It was Kingsley Shackelbolts Patronus and it appeared in 1997 at Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacours wedding warning them of the fall of the Ministry of Magic. Runespoor - The Runespoor is a magical three-headed snake native to Africa, known for its association with Parselmouths and Dark magic. These cats were popular among Muggles and wizards and many first year students at Hogwarts brought them as their pets. There are many magical species that exist in the wizarding world. This special type of rabbit was the first corporeal Patronus of Nimphadora Tonks. Along with cats, dogs were also common among muggles and wizards. Snakes are powerful symbols, and those whose patronus takes the form of a serpent tend to also be powerful people in kind. However, its incredible speed is not attributed to hunting but rather escaping threats. Visualize Hermiones canary attack on Ron as a swarm of swirling sparrows, pecking Dementors to their doom. Gilderoy Lockhart used his peacock quill for signing autographs and their feathers were also used to cure sick dragons. [12], Tech N9ne Strange Music Box (Feat. It may seem intimidating and heartless, but in reality, it is a hyper-efficient beast that knows how to utilize even the barest of essentials. [3], Once youve found your Patronus, you cant retake the quiz and get one you like better. Along with toads and owls, cats were allowed in Hogwarts. They may bequiet, but these rust-colored creatures are vicious and not to be crossed when protecting their property and defending their friends. Many other witches and wizards were also able to see them, such as Albus Dumbledore, Luna Lovegood and Severus Snape. Thus, they should be treated with caution. Siberian Cat - Siberian cats are perfect as Patronuses. These big cats are strong and graceful with gorgeous spotted coats. There is no doubt that loyalty is among the most obvious traits of the Irish Wolfhound. Eagle-owls are known to be surprisingly fast, so those Dementors should be gone in no time at all. Hagrid bought it for Harrys birthday in Eeylops Owl Emporium. Black stallions, in particular, tend to be extremely passionate and are often dominating personalities. Their heads are devoid of feathers. The haunting sense of dread and the overwhelming sense of sadness often felt around these creatures is, in fact, signaling the presence of a Dementor and not because of the owl! Therefore, when a wizard casts a Patronus charm while harnessing the strength of the Black Mamba, they could produce a powerful and resilient Patronus. Salmon - Focused and resilient, the salmon provides a glorious chase for both man and other creatures within its ecosphere. Phoenixes are hard to domesticate, but they are loyal to their owners for a lifetime. Black bears are known for their adaptability, and this is often seen in how resourceful you can be. Bats are nocturnal animals that feed on insects and fruit. They were classified as beasts and therefore only experienced magicians could handle them. They are a highly endangered species. Boar is a known corporeal Patronus. Although they dont mind occasionally rubbing feathers with strangers, they largely prefer marching to the beat of their own drum without the immediate oversight of others. Keep well your own counsel, and you may have a blackbird to help protect you in the darkest of times. You can find out more about what a Patronus can do here. Blackbirds are mysterious and intuitive, appearing when needed most. These big cats can achieve speeds up to 70 mph to stun their prey with a single strike! Hagrid hung pheasant on his hunt and some quills have also been made of pheasant feathers. Borzoi- Also known as the Russian wolfhound, this is a quiet, yet independent, athletic dog. Tamara's expertise includes directors that often deal with fantasy, science fiction, and All Harry Potter Patronuses and Their Meanings. Hagrid adored them and Rons brother Charlie was on the dragon trainers in Romania. A lover of action, she will never shy away from danger, but her headstrong way of life will mean that she will always keep you safe. They are more likely to march to the beat of their own drum than other horse types and tend to be very individualistic . You know, New York is considerably more interesting than Id expected.. Menu. Although it is mostly a passive creature, the rhino can become extremely aggressive when threatened, charging down its predators on its own or in a herd. Hedgehogs are tiny animals covered in spikes and a possible corporeal form of the Patronus Charm. These are all Harry Potter Patronuses and their meaning. Any Dementor seeing that animal charging at it at speeds up to 40 mph would fly off as quickly as possible and never look back! They lie in wait for their prey or hunt for it in holes. This tiny predator as a Patronus would likely catch a Dementor off guard before sinking its teeth into its scaly flesh, sending the dark creature heading for the hills and far away from you. This creature makes a formidable Patronus, attacking Dementors from all three heads, disabling them quickly and ferociously. They were described as sacred and pure animals. Badgers mostly keep to themselves but are aggressive when threatened. You hold those closest to you extremely close, but everyone else better steer clear. Lucky for you, once you have cast a robin as your Patronus, the bird will fight for you like it does its nest. These birds are full of song and will sing all year long. A Dementor might not see the threat of this innocent-looking Patronus, but you know whats in store for your dark assailant as you cast your Patronus Charm and send your seal Patronus after it. An important animal in the Harry Potter world. A Patronus is a shield between a wizard and a Dementor. A piebald stallion will surely make your Patronus-casting ability famous among fellow witches and wizards.

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